Grayson Barton is a multi-instrumental, multi-genre musician who was raised in Northern Michigan. The deep-seeded influences of folk, blues, funk, and rock are evident in his playing.  Grayson's unique life experiences has brought an undeniable sincerity to his music. As a trained choir teacher, Grayson lives and breathes vocal harmony. His percussive guitar work, coupled with the creative use of effects pedals, gives the illusion of a fuller band even when performing solo. Apart from gigging solo, Grayson also performs in a number of local bands, including "Hot Leslie", "Frantic Kingdom," and "The RAG Trio."  His solo music sets strike a nice balance between tasteful covers and his own original material.

Grayson was exposed to music at a young age; he attended local music festivals with his family, performed in the school choir and band, and further honed his musical skills through studying piano and guitar. At age 14, he began experimenting with recording technology and by high school, had started a rock band with a group of friends. After graduation, Grayson took his music studies to the collegiate level, focusing on classical vocal training and performing in a wide range of vocal ensembles. Since receiving his music education diploma from Grand Valley State University in 2013, Grayson has found success in both teaching and performing. 

After residing in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for 4 years, Grayson returned to his home state of Michigan in 2018 and currently resides in Grand Rapids. He is now booking - inquire about scheduling for your event or wedding on ​the contact page. 

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